History of the Jugantar revolution

Jugantar Patrika (Bengali: যুগান্তর) Bengali revolutionary political weekly newspaper was founded in March 1906 in Calcutta as the journal for the erstwhile revolutionary organisation Anushilan Samiti.

The journal's name name Jugantar (Lit:New Era) derives from the political novel of the same name by renowned Bengali Brahmo Samajist author Shivnath Shastri, and went on to lend its name to the Western Bengal wing of the Anushilan Samiti, which came to be known as the Jugantar group.

Jugantar Patrika expounds and justifies revolutionary violence against the colonial Imperialism as a political tool for full independence ('Purna Swaraj'), and denounces the right and legitimacy of the colonial rump rule still prevaling in Hindustan.

Jugantar Patrika is highly critical of the Indian National Congress party and its corrupt methods which aid the imperialist Raj. Originally priced at one paisa, the Patrika is now available for free to our internet readers.

Jugantar Patrika has faced prosecution a number of times by the colonial governments for publishing seditious articles inciting violence against the Government of India.

Those who think that the members of Jugantar merely dream of independence (achieving Purna Swaraj) just by throwing a couple of bombs at the Government officials and their spies, have not understood the exact nature of revolutionary movements of Hindustan.

An indomitable zeal is necessary for freedom and unless it exists among awakened people the aim of actual national independence will remain a distant dream.

Realizing this greatest truth Jugantar wants to create an immense concern for freedom in the public mind,